The Legend of Sekret

Oil and Modeling Paste on Canvas Over Board  2015  65 X 45 Inches

Oil and Modeling Paste on Canvas Over Board


65 X 45 Inches

She blows the candle out and leaves you. Jasmine plumes fill the darkened space. She assumes her place, upon the ancient wall. Poised like a precious artifact in the depth of the pharaoh’s horde she cannot be awakened by your imperfect need. As you were dead she is alive.

She is Sekret, your guide through the darkness of time. You arise and walk. With arms outstretched your trembling palms move flatly across the wall feeling the freize carved from quarried stone in deep below the Pyramid, just a sightless man searching for antediluvian truth. You plainly remember it, as you floated behind; it was inscribed upon her limbs as she walked. You saw it in your unconscious mind, the map inscribed upon her legs showed the way, your passage through the underworld.... when you were together.

Now you move along the wall of the crypt. Your searching fingers find the edge of a baas relief, seeking the contours of her akimbo symmetric limbs. She is now but a lifeless form, a frieze yet you can sense her near, she will be forever your deepest yearning. Your weakened spirit is aroused despite passing a millennium without a heartbeat; the candle scent hangs in the air. The outlined dimension of her torso, bosom and face crystallize, manganese green blue and raw umber hallucinated in your darkened mind’s eye. You have begun to live. The meaning of your journey is slowly revealed by your hungry touch and fragmented priestly mind. Revealed upon her immobile limbs ,her Coptic whisper in your ear, from softened aloe lips and scented breath, while levitated behind her, subdued under centuries of sleep.

Your fingertips now decipher tiny brail eggs of the universe escaping from her womb, transforming into the family of man rising, sojourning up to the planets ,under the guidance of all seeing Hermes. His eye gazes down upon the western world with its primitive spires and geometry. The coming millennium will be theirs and you will preside. Teetering atop her tattooed knee Hermes illuminates the present as he gazes west. Yet the mocking dolphin nibbles at your outstretched hand. The Dolphin tending to lost celestial sailor's souls, it crests the apex of her other knee mocking the illusion of man’s supremacy.