The Strong Jester

72 X 56 X 4 Inches  Oil on Canvas Over Sculpted Foam, Copper

72 X 56 X 4 Inches

Oil on Canvas Over Sculpted Foam, Copper

This work was a giving into the seductiveness of the brushed metal surface. I had included the metal sections in one or two earlier 3-D works, becoming more attracted by results all the time. My preoccupation with a way to show the essence of man, is to represent man at his best. This would be achieved thru the pose it has been an ongoing quest. The sketch where I developed this pose was done with a dried out magic marker on scrap of ripped paper. An inauspicious beginning , for a somewhat imposing fellow. From there I leaped to an oil sketch, the blue-green color was largely determined by the reddish tint the copper sheet. Prussian blue is a complement with enough strength and contrast to stand up to the copper. The fundamental urge to reveal this powerful body was oddly accompanied by the desire to decorate him in a silly clown outfit. I imagined this picture at first with the costume clinging and billowing from powerful limbs. As it evolved in sketch form to canvas ,the Jester began to apply color from his paintbrush directly on to what would be his garment as it spins off the canvas role in the bottom right.