2012  Oil on panel over sculpted foam  60X48 Inches


Oil on panel over sculpted foam

60X48 Inches

Mood is paramount in art. Can you imagine life without the caprice it offers? I can not name a single other element that is more significant. Duke Ellington -Frank Lloyd Wright- Francis Bacon – Rodin- Fellini –Baudelaire, so many others;they transport us via the extraordinary mood their art delivers . Their unique states of mind are provided for us to step into and escape out of our frame of reality. SPECTRUM is an illusive image for me.I wanted to paint a woman walking through a dimly lit passage with rays of light passing through on a diagonal, illuminating random dust particles, she would have an allure, she would be provocative. When light grazed her body it would illuminate her in a spectrum of color not unlike a prism separates hues and displays them a single bands of color blending softly: a rainbow………..this much was in my minds eye. Locks of hair would partially obscure her face, one arm raised asymmetrically; striding forward, eyes leveled……and that much was in the sketch. As the whole began to take form someone visiting the studio. Encountered the picture said,” she looks like a woman walking down the side of a dark lonely highway, a streetwalker”. I was intrigued by that term. I did not think of a sex professional when I heard the statement and was not interested in that innuendo, rather the mystery .Who is she, and what is she, where is he going and where did she come from….. the unknown.