Black Beach Beauty

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas Over Sculpted Foam  48X65 Inches

Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas Over Sculpted Foam

48X65 Inches

This painting was an unexpected turning point in my work and possibly my life. I had decided ‘Black Beach’ would be my last 3-D painting. That being said, I would give it every opportunity to succeed..I had planned the passages in advance; the black sand background, copper slatted lounge chair diagonally positioned, half on beach and half in water.  I saw it in my minds eye as a compositional lock..  I would handle the figure very differently than ever before. Although somewhat abstract I would sculpt her parts entirely round and imbed them into the chair.   In previous outings the roundness of human form was achieved through illusion; illustrated on flat canvas planes and interposed with one another.. In ‘Black Beach Beauty’ foam would be sculpted round with a smooth stone patina surface, painted pale Naples Yellow. I envisioned something as shiny as automobile bumper.   From the beginning the thrill of the 3-D paintings was; the sculptural feel wedded to the painterly. Quite honestly , my first allegiance was to painting. In this work the sculptural element presides. An observer made a comment during the progress of this work-  ” the lines in the sand look very French”. I was uplifted to hear this. The lines in the sand lend simplicity like only line can. It  was my way of importing wind to the beach albeit with French curves. I wanted to keep the body abstract and avoid descriptive devices .Rendering the face in simple line also was a natural extension of the drawing and lent a dash of futurism.  Finally throughout the sketching and planning stages ;the mood of the water was going to be a roiling frolic. The reaction of the sea to the presence of beauty of the beautiful girl on the chair.. I let this notion remain unchecked in my mind. With every wave piece I sculpted the feeling and the vision increased and the exuberance of the water was paramount. When rendering the sea in-a classical painting technique or sculpting it abstract, one is consulting the laws of physics... chaos and order into beauty.