Current museum tour schedule

March 28 - April 28, 2019

Urban Fantasy, 18 Paintings (1990-2016)

Barrett/Utica College N.Y.

March 30 - June 20, 2019

Mary G. Harden Center For The Arts

Gadsden Alabama.

January 15 - April 1, 2019

Macnider Museum

Mason City Iowa

May 30-July 10, 2020

Spiva Art Center

Joplin, Missouri



1985 Neo Persona Gallery, New York N.Y.

1980 1990 Art Expo Navy Pier, Chicago IL

1979 Merchants and Manufacturers Club of America, Chicago IL

1977 Thorton Community College South Holland, IL

1976 N.A.M.E. gallery, Chicago IL

1975 Levis Faculty left, University of Illinois

1973 Gallery Chastain Taos, New Mexico

1972 Krannert Art Museum University of, Illinois Urbana

1967 School of the Institute, Chicago IL

2014 Elga Wimmer Pcc Gallery, New York N.Y.

2000-2013 Duane Street Gallery, New York N.Y.

1998 GalerieLORANGERAIE, St.Paul De Vence.

1997 RADOST Gallery, Prague Czech Republic

1995 Dillon Gallery, New York N.Y.

1990 Neo persona gallery, New York N.Y.

1987 Neo Persona gallery, New York N.Y.

1986 Neo Persona gallery, New York N.Y.



 Limongello, Ms. Joan

Lippert, Randy


Low, Mickey

Malton, Doug

Margulis, Diana and Howard

Martin Stone, Mrs. Sheila

Matzat,Rose and Gregory

Michaels, Doris and Charles

Miller,Amy and Peter

Mortensen ,Yggers

Mugrabi, Ms. Marilyn

Novich, Mr. Allen

Ordonez, Mr.Al

Ozelsel, Cengiz and Chantelle Street

Parker ,Mr. Doug

Pascal, Dr. and Mrs. Luke

Peluso, Mr. Michael

Petak, Mr. David

Petrosino, Mr. and Mrs. Louis

Polito, Paula and Dean Corsones

Radar,Stephanie and Matt

Richardson, Stuart and Betty Rose

Scheinfeld, Judy and Larry

Segal, Howard and Ronnie

Shevitz, Mark and Kate


Skutaris, Angulos

Spadaro, Ms.Victoria and Paul Grant

Stein, Mr. Seymor

Steiner, Elissa and Jeffery

Tavel, Aaron

Tangtasawat, Mr. Jaras

Tauber, Phil and Gail

Tsang, Ms. Mia

Unger, Mr.David

Van Der Zwan, Sandy and Steve

Weigand, Mr. Paul

Wils,Steven and Maddie

Zaretsky, Mr. and Mrs. Allan

Amitis, Mr.Lee

Baker, Mark and Judy

Barlow,Mr. Charles

Baum, Barbara and Steve


Bonner, Joel

Carter, C. Edward

Cioffi, Michael

Cohen, Mr. Jarrod

Coolleen Bettina and Mike

Curtis, Robert

Davis, Mr. Eric

De Coste, Mr. Philippe

Di Ferrari, Gabriella

Falk, Annie Sutton


Feliciano, Joel and Diane

Ferraro, Mr. John

Ferraro, Mr. Michael

Flanagan, Tom and Betsy

Fried, Mr. and Mrs.

Gerber, Amy and Steve

Gold, Dr. Andrew

Hasson, Chris and Mark

Haugland, Linda and Billy

Herdland, Oskar and Matilda

Heyman, John and Antoinette

Higginson, William G.

Hill ,Steve and Susan

Hirsh, Robert and Ellie

Kerdel, Maris and Barbara

Kladitas, Mr. Manny

Klott, Mrs. Gail

Kluesner, Shirley and Dennis

Lauren, Rene

LaRoche Hugh and Chrystal Dyer

Learsy, Mr. Raymond

Leger, Mr. Pierre

Liebberman, Laurie and David