2014 Elga Wimmer Pcc Gallery, New York N.Y.

2000-2013 Duane Street Gallery, New York N.Y.

1998 GalerieLORANGERAIE, St.Paul De Vence.

1997 RADOST Gallery, Prague Czech Republic

1995 Dillon Gallery, New York N.Y.

1990 Neo persona gallery, New York N.Y.

1987 Neo Persona gallery, New York N.Y.

1986 Neo Persona gallery, New York N.Y.

1985 Neo Persona Gallery, New York N.Y.

1980 1990 Art Expo Navy Pier, Chicago IL

1979 Merchants and Manufacturers Club of America, Chicago IL

1977 Thorton Community College South Holland, IL

1976 N.A.M.E. gallery, Chicago IL

1975 Levis Faculty left, University of Illinois

1973 Gallery Chastain Taos, New Mexico

1972 Krannert Art Museum University of, Illinois Urbana

1967 School of the Institute, Chicago IL